Friday, December 11, 2009

Wind, Snow, Cold - Eddy Ray's Forecast

Wow, well we had our first snowfall of the season this week. Newmanstown got around 4 inches of the white stuff... but it was quite heavy and wet. Currently we've got some gusty winds and just hope our outdoor Christmas decor stays in place!

It's an exciting time of the year and even though I am fighting through a cold I still am managing to get some things done. I've got some new magic debuting in my shows along with some other surprises to come. In fact, I'm constantly rehearsing and plan to add in new material for all of my show programs. Long gone are the days of eating glass and fire... it was just WAY TO DANGEROUS!

Don't forget to get your Christmas shopping done before it gets to late! Happy Winter!
Until next time, stay warm!
Eddy Ray

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