Friday, March 19, 2010

Pennsylvania Magician Eddy Ray's New Program Coming Soon

“AquaCaDabra – the magic of water!”

AquaCaDabra - the magic of water

AquaCaDabra - the magic of water

A FUN & Educational Event For Your Summer Reading Program!

My new assembly program, “AquaCaDabra” the Magic of Water, explores fun facts about the world’s most important natural resource. This program is full of story-telling, magical experiments, and audience involvement.

Direct Interaction With The Children!

The goal of the program is to get children to realize the importance of water and how it affects our lives. To do this, I create several magical experiments involving water, list many fun-filled facts and get direct involvement from the children!

Some of the magical experiments include: Turning Water Into Ice, Making Water Disappear, Making Water Change Colors & Removing Three Different Colors of Dry Sand from a Bowl of Water!!!

All of the magical experiments in the show are unique and truly amazing! This 40 minute program is packed full of fun, excitement, and will get the children interested in learning more by reading!

For more information visit Pennsylvania Magician Eddy Ray here. Pennsylvania Kids Magician

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