Thursday, February 4, 2010

Planning a Birthday Party in Lancaster PA by Magician Eddy Ray

A Simple Party Tip Discussing Who To Invite..

The average child’s party consists of 8 – 15 children and 5 – 10 adults. I realize your child might plead to you that you invite all of his/her friends. Don’t give in. Most people truly only have between 5-10 close friends. These are friends that your child plays with, and spends time with the most. These are the children you should invite. If too many children are invited this increases the chances of an argument, or scuffle. Again, the easiest way to avoid those problems is to only invite close friends, and close family. Sit down with your child and make a list of possible people to invite. Keep it limited. The list should include full names and phone numbers. It's more fun having a party with people you are close to than having dozens and dozens of people over. It also makes things less stressful.

This is just one simple tip to think about when planning a birthday party for your child.

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