Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Magicians in Philadelphia | Magicians in Pennsylvania For Camps and Scouts

Pennsylvania Magician Eddy Ray - Amazing Magic Shows For Scouts and Camps!

Want to give the audience an Unforgettable Time that they will be talking about for days and weeks later? Then get ready for Eddy Ray! This isn’t your granddad’s magic show, oh Pennsylvania Magician Eddy Ray Scout Magic Showno…Eddy Ray provides an up to date show featuring the world’s most amazing sleight of hand magic, hilarious comedy, audience involvement, all mixed with professional modern attire, music, and personality from Eddy Ray. This is what makes Eddy’s show one that people will consider the most entertaining experience ever. They will thank you for providing them with such an unforgettable time!

This type of magic program is perfect for audiences of twenty up to even a thousand or more. The show ranges anywhere from 30-50 minutes depending on your desire and needs.

Show Highlights Could Include:

* Simple playing cards appear, disappear and multiply in an impossible manner!
* Solid metal rings visually melt together and feet from the eyes of the audience!
* The entire audience reads another persons mind!
* A persons shoe disappears and reappears inside a balloon!
* One audience member watches in amazement as everyone else is "in" on the trick!

Pennsylvania Magician Eddy Ray Scout Magic Show

Magic Workshops & Classes!

Eddy Ray also offers group magic workshops and classes! This is perfect for groups that want something unique, hands on, and educational. Magician Eddy Ray can work with children ages 7 and up. The workshops can be broken up into class sessions over a period of time or simply a one day event. It's up to you and what you need for your event!

  • Professional Magic Supplies Included for each participant!
  • Children can learn hand eye coordination, they will learn the history of magic, they will get a boost in there self-confidence!
  • Children will learn easily through step-by-step teaching using the magical props!
  • Books or teaching DVDs can also be provided depending upon which package you choose.

Eddy Ray is the author of a couple of books on magic and the star of over 12 DVD's teaching magic tricks! Contact him today for further information!

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